There Were Moments of Gold and There Were Flashes of Light…

Yes… I did just quote Celine Dion, the greatest singer in the world, thankyouverymuch! Because it was literally the first thing that appeared when trying to encapsulate the last gig, because…
It was gone with the wind, but it’s all coming back to me (now)….

It is it is!

Like something old that’s new again.

Like the music of the spheres

And like Steve Howe, this band still has something to prove. Maybe now more than ever before – and a strong case was made in a Bushwick basement on Saturday.

If you’ve been reading these, you might be ready to chime in as there is a theme brewing…

In the basement… in a Brooklyn basement. Magic! Magic.

And while that basement was a few miles to the south and west, this basement was imbued with all kinds of new noise and noise makers. Then second gig in a row where the audience was filled entirely with new blood (save a small handful). Interesting indeed, perhaps that’s truly the only way to rebuild Rome… without JUDAS!

I keeeeed of course. But don’t be foolish, these gigs are getting better and Saturday’s contained the best true Ellis musical adventure since last summer. Improvised and disguised (as planned), the music-without-a-net practice was back, and Mr. Dan Keller showed that he owns at least one pair of jam pants, although I suspect he’ll be headed out for some more.

The segment began with an extended Kan Eye outro jam that contained standard unexpected fun, led by Mr. Barber, until Mr. Granoff hinted at Good Time Blues; such hints are quickly snatched by jam pants aficionado JB, and the segue construction took off in earnest. Without much warning or pretense or planning the foursome swiftly and adeptly slid right into GTB, which unlike last performance, contained classic EA jam sauce; containing tastes and teases of Taste and Ghostbusters until wrapping up nicely. When such antics are paired with solid, standard renditions of seven or so other EA originals: Boom! It’s all coming back to me.

I have it on good authority that these shenanigans will continue. As time goes on, the live show can and will only grow huger. The House of Yes gig and this super-secret basement birthday show (in honor of Kitty Keller aka Lorrie Doriza, who also performed with grace and aplomb) have smoked any and all doubt I may have had: The band is back! Now do ‘em a solid and show some love, don’t miss the next one so you can see for yourself.

Saturday, May 13, 2017: SPACE JAM, Brooklyn, NY

Set: Psychic Vampires, Peripheral Declination, Kan Eye Tuch U?[1] -> Good Time Blues[2][3], Metaphor[4], Propeller[4][5], On > Slide, Absolute Value


[1] With extended outro Jam
[2] With Happy Birthday Lorrie shout-out
[3] Jam included teases of Taste, We Got the Funk, and Ghostbusters
[4] By Request
[5] Extended banter after Propeller including remarks about more funky stuff and that were going to play a funky “On” (they didn’t, “On” was standard arrangement)cloud mining ethereum