Show Notes 3.20.14

Chinatown Vernal Equinox: Ellis and Dumpledoos

Normally a Thursday night in Chinatown is a sleepy affair, but last night the air was pregnant with purpose. The first hours of long awaited spring 2014 were imbued with the fervor of School of Rock youngsters, the Ellis faithful, and some mighty cheap ‘dumpledoos’ in NYC’s famed ethnic Chinese strong-hold on Manhattan’s lower east side. Maybe the alignment of the sun passing the equator pumped some extra energy our way, because there is no doubt that everyone was feeling “it”. Like a ROCKET IN MY POCKET or a FINGER IN THE SOCKET we all got a little charge from the fierceness of Ellis’ version of MUSIC and the strong vibes from the myriad of FOLK who came out to shake their booties and party-down. This is how you bring in the spring, in NY’s “middle kingdom” the space between heaven and earth; good preparation for our “blast-into-orbit” at the Red Door in just under an month’s time. Don’t be square; be sure to see us there!

Thursday, March 20, 2014: FONTANA’S BAR, New York, NY

Set: Desert Raft[1] > Slide, Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around), Skunk![2][3], So Simple, Decelerator[4], On[5]

[1] Prior to Raft, John said “We are Ellis Ashbrook and this is our version of Music”
[2] Prior to Skunk!, Natalie said “This next song goes out to smoking marijuana and the last one was about good friends”
[3] John bantered in response to Natalie “And [this song also goes out] to subtlety”
[4] John introduced Decelerator as a song off our last album
[5] Natalie introduced On as a song off our next album coming out this summer