1.27.2018 Show Notes

Oh, to touch the dream; hides inside and never seen, yeah

The next gig, like the last, would occur nearly three months after the previous, but this time the celebration would be unannounced—a super-secret surprise party for the one and only John “The Colonel” Teten, resident of the Space Palace and close associate of us all. This would also be the first outing of the post-Lowe lineup since the previously atoned Gratitude Migration nearly six months prior.

The band played in remarkable form; showcasing their talents and power as a unit not diminished, even slightly, during the time off. Several post-Lowe debuts breached the surface for a breath of fresh air on this unseasonably warm January night in Alphabet City. The More Gain Free Man jam was absolutely one for the ages along with three never before played covers—favorites of the guest of honor. Also notable were exceptional jams in both Psychic Vamps (a wild departure from form), and Ab Val – the latter featuring a sweet little shuffle jam that spiced up the encore for a “funky good time” as it were.

Saturday, January 27, 2018: THE MOCKINGBIRD, New York, NY

Set: Birthday > Skunk! > Cat Song[1], When Will This End?, Broken String Jam[2], The Undeveloped Brain > Bennie and The Jets[3], Decelerator, Therefore However and So Forth, More Gain Free Man[1][4], On, Psychic Vampires[5] -> Cities[3] > Psychic Vampires, Character Zero[3]

Encore: Absolute Value[6]

[1] Dedicated to Flossy
[2] Independent three-piece jam while Dan Keller replaced the string he broke during WWTE?
[3] Ellis Debut
[4] With Tequila and Low Rider teases
[5] With Fluffhead teases
[6] With shuffle jam and “were going to have a funky good time” lyrics